The First Catch

The one we all can’t wait for and the one we never forget.

So January to May rolls by and no fish not even a nibble. I start to think that this is a waste of time. I’m doing it all wrong. Until May the 6th at 17.40.

I was fishing my local water in brain tree the Fennes and I always arrive about an hour before opening this gives you the time to walk round the lake and look for the fish check the water levels, see where there’s activity and where there isn’t. 

No normally I always went to the same swim, and setup because it was a sure fire spot where the fish went but on this day after exhausting countless YouTube videos I went with my gut and chose a different swim and it worked out to my advantage very late in the day but that’s what it’s all about.

So once I was setup, I baited my swim up using my spomb for the open water and then using a catapult to get into the tight line I took to the snags. Always important when fishing close to snags is to really be on your game because you don’t want to be giving the fish alot of time to get into them snags an you lose them.

So both my rods are out and I’m waiting, the days ticking by and people across from me are catching. People to the right what am I doing wrong? I had a pop up here and a water there. I went back to basics made up a simple hair rig. With a 15mm boilie on and chucked it out and then done the same with the other rod. 

After about half hour of the rods being back in the water, I had my first run the alarm went crazy and bait runner was on, but hence come my mistake, I didn’t set the tension on my baitrunners so the fish had free run with my bait and just relocated it for me. Gutting to say the least that the first bit of action one five months and I lost it. 

But you have to look at it positively, the fish went for it, they are there and they want what your offering. I topped the swim up with some ground bait to mantain the interest but all went quiet. No one was catching. The day was closing it and I had decided enough was enough I pulled one rod in and started packing  up. 

I thought all was lost and decided to call it a day and as I began to reel in the last rod bang I’m in. The banoffee boilie with sticky vortex dip has worked it’s magic. First I was confused is that silt is it a stick as I had been fishing close to the snags if been doing it all day, no I was wrong it’s a fish lets have it. So I’m reeling it in left to right up and down and he calms and comes freely then he thinks not today sunshine and we off for round two so I lured him in to a false sense of security and let him have a little run as I slipped the clutch then tightened it up and showed the little 8 pound fish who is boss and brought him into the bank and landed the little guy once we had our photo taken I thanked him for being my first and released him back to his home. 


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