Carp Fishing Why?

Why did i start Carp Fishing? Whats it all about? 

Carp Fishing in itself is freedom. In the time you are sitting by a lake waiting for that bite, you are surrounded by nature. It’s peaceful, nothing to disturb you and you can completely relax. 

I started carp fishing in January 2017, my brother has been doing it for a few years and i started to go along meet up with him and see what it was all about. Despite every time i went with him and him blanking there was something about it that just got me. 

So I bought a rod a reel and all the other bare essentials to get going and I began. I really chose a hard time to begin fishing. The cold snap with ice on the lake, fish still in hibernation mode and not very active and quite frankly not knowing what I was doing. So much so it took me until May to land my first fish.

So to wrap this up and to move on to my first catch. Why did I start, a combination of things:

  • It’s peaceful
  • It’s social 
  • It’s relaxing
  • It’s not expensive after the initial setup
  • It’s exciting 

Most of all as any Carp Angler will tell you. A good days fishing is not measured by your catches. It’s about how many cups of tea you can drink and how stained you can get your mug.


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